Allegheny Dimension's primary resource is lumber harvested from the hardwood forests in the eastern United States. The U.S. Forest Service recently reported these forests grow at a sustainable rate of 2.29 trees for every tree harvested. Hardwood species include red and white oak, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, hickory, ash, and several less common species.

Our affiliation with Allegheny Wood Products ensures a renewable and available resource. AWP saws 160 million board feet of lumber annually. Kiln dried lumber exceeds 95 million board feet.

Allegheny Dimension is fortunate to have a highly skilled group of employees. Our employees' work ethic is guided by their desire for quality along with pride in their workmanship.

Allegheny Dimension continuously improves the manufacturing process by acquiring new equipment technologies. Our four-pronged approach to success includes our people, forest resources, equipment, and capital management.

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